How to Write a Research Paper: Tips & Tricks You Need to Know to Get an A+

How to Write a Research Paper: Tips & Tricks You Need to Know to Get an A+

Doesn’t matter you’re a school, college or university student, you may have some difficulties with writing assignments since you will have dozens of them. Essay, article, book review, summary – you have to cope with these types of assignments. Research paper has the special place in the list. If you are looking for the useful information on how to write a research paper, searching for tips or help with it – you are in luck. In this article, you will find all you need to know about how to write research paper & do it well.  

What is a Research Paper?

It is a specific & large academic work which is assigned to the students of high schools, colleges, universities.  When you are assigned to write a research paper you should remember about a complex goal: to define an issue, conduct a research, analyze it & provide the best ways to solve it. Yes, sounds kind of complicated. Read this article & find necessary information or order your research paper from professionals, you can be sure of the result.


Types of Research Papers

  • Survey Research Paper;
  • Analytical;
  • Problem-Solution Paper;
  • Argumentative;
  • İnterpretive ;
  • Compare & contrast;
  • Cause & Effect;
  • Reports;
  • Experimental;
  • Definition Research Paper.

It is not just about studying sources & representing the best thoughts of the authors. It is more than your summary of articles, review or set of different pieces of text from different sources. In your work, you should argue the points & analyze the perspectives. Give your own thoughts & points of view based on your analyses of other information.  Here we will tell you lots of information, use it & research papers will become your favorite assignments. We will not show you some magic formula, because it’s not existing. But we will tell you how to organize your work extremely effectively.

The Best Advise – Start Early

Waiting until the last day & making everything at the last moment - this is the real student’s way of life. If you need to be sure in your grade, forget about it. Always give yourself some time, don’t think that if the topic is easy you can write it in a couple of hours before submitting. Until you start, you never know which roadblocks along the way you can meet. In this is situation time is your insurance.  

How to Write a Research Paper: 10 Steps of Your Success

Process can be divided into 10 logical steps. Follow our short guide “how to write research paper” which walks you through the writing steps & we guarantee you'll succeed with your work. Here is the list of the steps.

  1. Understand the assignment;
  2. Choose your topic;
  3. Organize & plan a research;
  4. Conduct a research, find the information;
  5. Create a thesis statement;
  6. Write an outline;
  7. Write a draft;
  8. Write a research paper;
  9. Edit & proofread;
  10. Recheck & submit.

Know Your Assignment

Sounds like ‘know your enemy’, ha? Funny, yes, but this is a good advice. Look at the teacher’s assignment critically: you should study requirements & get familiar with your assignments in details. Try to understand what your teacher wants to see in your research work. Teachers give clear instructions, following which it won’t be hard to get a good grade. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification is something it not clear for you. Only after that, you can pick the topic.

Pick a Topic

Now it is time to choose the topic. Sometimes you can get a wide area of study in which you should find a topic, sometimes the choice is more restricted. In any way, you should make a brainstorming - write down topic which you are interested in & thoughts & associations connected to the topic. After some time of such activity, you'll be able to formulate the topic. Your topic should be:

  • Clear;
  • İnteresting;
  • Short;
  • Deep;
  • Of current interest.

Tip: Compose a title of your work in a simple & attractive manner, it also should reflect the sense of your investigation.

Make a Plan & Organize a Research

Before conducting a research you should do a lot of preparations. You should:

  • Plan your research timetable & activities;
  • Find reliable resources;
  • Skim general information & most important resources.

How to write research paper & how to organize your work?

  • Sit down & relax, try to disconnect your brain from all the problems.
  • Take your calendar & find days when you have enough time for your research & create a schedule.
  • The time which you choose should be non-negotiable. It means that nothing can distract or prevent you from research activities neither your friends nor a new episode of your favorite tv-series.
  • Set clear completion goals for each time pocket, otherwise, there is an opportunity of dropping the ball.

Conduct a Research

  • This is the most interesting & exciting part of your work. Time to work on your sources. You will need to investigate & study different types of sources:
  • Books, Articles, Interviews, journals, encyclopedias;
  • Newspapers, Internet;
  • Periodical indexes, library catalogs, bibliographies;
  • Primary & secondary sources;
  • Official & statistics documents.

The most important thing is to use only trusted, reliable sources. Here is the easy way how to find out if the source is credible: just answer the short list of questions:

  • Who is the author & does he or she have the background of your topic?
  • Are there references?
  • What is the specialization of the author & the source?
  • Does the website look professional?
  • When was the text released?
  • Does the source have any reviews?

Work accurately on different points of view on your topic in order to be able to analyze it & provide your own ideas.

Generate a Thesis Statement

In this step, you are ready to present your own opinion or argument. The thesis statement is a short, complex sentence which you provide to the reader & which you should prove or explain. It is the main point of your research paper or your main claim. It helps to control your ideas within the paper. You will find comprehensive information on how to write a thesis for a research paper in this article. Just keep reading or order your paper from reliable writing services.


Create an Outline

The structuring your paper is another important step. Don’t skip it even if your research paper is not long. It should be noticed that the thesis statement is the hardest part of it, so after you finish constructing your thesis, consider that the outline is almost ready. Find more information about how to write an outline for a research paper in the next parts of the article.

Write a Draft of Your Research Paper

Each research paper, as well as any other writing assignment, requires a draft. Don’t believe you can cope with a research paper & get a good grade without it. Writing is a long & quite flexible process, sometimes you need to make amendments or changes to the text & the outline. That’s why the draft is something that is worth allocating time to it.

Write Your Research Paper

Finally, we reached the main part of the process. If you think that it is too late to start writing only now, we want to assure you that all the work that was done before is important & can ensure your success. It will make your research paper strong, persuasive & professional.

When you know what you are going to write about, what are your sources, how to formulate your thoughts & opinions it goes much easier than when you just take a pen & a paper & start writing hoping for inspiration & magic. Find some writing tips below.

  • Avoid Plagiarism: don’t copy ideas, give your own text;
  • Use citations to strengthen your words;
  • Avoid the words “I”, “My”;  
  • Use more examples & statistics to make an emphasis & explain some points;
  • Try to vary your language.

Edit & Proofread Your Paper

When your research paper is done, congratulate yourself. Then put it aside for a while & make a break. You should have a rest, turn your attention to something else, after that, you can go back to work. Editing & proofreading process includes several steps.

  1. Revise the text & clarify if something is not accurate;
  2. Edit your work for grammar, word choice, tone, & style. When you are editing your research paper for grammar, you should take a few run-throughs with breaks between them. It helps to be more focused;
  3. Ask some of your friends or relatives to read the text with fresh eyes;
  4. Correct all mistakes & check again.

You can use well-known & reliable online tools for checking your text. For example, free grammar checker‎ Grammarly.  

Check & Submit Your Research Paper

When all mistakes are corrected & all changes are made, it is time to read your research paper once again to make sure that there are no mistakes & each word has a sense. After that, you are ready to submit your work. During your writing process don’t be shy or afraid to ask your instructor reasonable questions. It doesn’t seem bad, it shows your interest & dedication.

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper?

For the beginning just ask yourself a question “What is my research about”? Give a short, clear but sophisticated answer in one sentence. This central message or main idea of your research paper is your thesis statement.  

How Should It Look?

Your thesis statement should be focused on your main ideas & must be reflected in one or two sentences. It should contain your topic & your personal point of view, it should be strong, avoid being vague. In order to make it effective, choose an arguable, definitive, & specific point.

How to Write an Outline For a Research Paper?

It is an extremely important part of the writing process, pay attention to it & devote as much time as needed. A well-written research paper outline must contain the following parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Body paragraphs;
  • Summary/Conclusion.

The way in which you write your outline depends on your topic & assignment. Try to think critically & follow logical disclosure of main points, it will allow creating a good outline.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper?

The end of your research paper must convey to the reader the sense of completeness; the conclusion should draw a line & close the discussion. Follow our next instructions, we’ll tell you how to write a conclusion for a research paper well.

  • End your research paper by linking your last paragraph to the first one.
  • Restate your thesis statement.
  • Use simple language & one-syllable words in the conclusion, it will give the sense of an understated drama.

Priceless Tips about How to Write Research Paper

Now you already know how to write a research paper, you know the structure & steps of the writing process following which you can create a well-written research paper. Here you’ll find tips that were shared by professional writers. But if you don’t feel confident about your writing skills, or don’t have enough time, just let us know, we will do the rest. We can write your research paper according to any requirements & with respect to deadlines. So, here are the tips, take notes.

  • Plan your work ahead even if you are sure about your writing skills & speed of your performance;
  • Pay maximum attention to a thesis statement, you may also get a confirmation from your teacher;
  • Begin your research paper with its end in mind: find out what should be proved & what your teacher wants to see in the end;
  • Take notes in the process of conducting a research (note the best points of view, authors, because we guarantee you would not like to go back to some sources again);
  • Check are your sources reliable, logical, & credible?
  • Not every piece of information which you find on the Internet is true. Always look at them critically;
  • Throughout your outline, you should stick to your topic.


You have learned how to write a research paper - with our advice & tips, a research paper won’t become an unworkable task. This is an indisputable fact, that it is not an easy task because of its length, volume, & complexity, but we believe with our sophisticated information on how to write a research paper you can do it without big difficulties. If you have any questions or need a help, leave your comment below the article.